Tips from the Top - October 2014


Developing an Employee Value Proposition

Businesses spend enormous time and effort developing their marketing image so that they can differentiate themselves in the marketplace, stand out from competitors and attract potential customers. Conversely, they spend almost no time or effort perfecting a marketing image directed at attracting their potential employees…

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Best Practices for Increasing Employee Retention

If your company is growing and you need more hands on deck, hiring can be an exciting prospect. But if you’re hiring to replace employees who have left or been let go, it can be a frustrating chore. How can you increase employee retention and subsequently reduce the amount of hiring you need to do? Try these best practice tips from TAB members…

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Hiring for a Trial Period

When there is a disparity between the salary a hiring prospect wants and what you, the owner, want to pay, try the following…

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Quick Tips

Ask Not What the Company Can Do

If you are interviewing a prospective employee and the interview revolves more around what the company can do for the prospect than what he/she can do for the company, perhaps you should bring the interview to a close and move on to the next prospect on your list.

By : Kim Christie, TAB-Winnipeg

Three Categories of Prospective Hires

When assessing new hires we categorize them in three ways: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened. Our goal is to make sure that we only hire those who are going to make things happen.

By : Reto Hug, Maloya Laser

Going Beyond Reference Checks

When hiring new employees, we not only check references and do background checks, we also pull motor vehicle driving records. Even if an employee is not primarily a driver, they still may need to run errands or do deliveries on company time. A poor driving record may also provide insight into a prospective employee›s reliability. We obtain written permission to conduct both background and motor vehicle checks and we make it clear that drug testing is a condition of employment.

By : Dan Adams, Precision Equipment Placement